Tips for Wearing a White Undershirt

A white undershirt is one of the most popular outfits among modern men. Since the discussion of garments has long moved from whether or not to wear one, the lingering question nowadays is how or when to wear one. Many men are torn on the options. If you are one of them, you can take refuge in the fact that you are not alone. This is more so when it comes to wearing a bright undershirt. The good news is that we can help you rock the undergarment without going overboard.

Wearing the undershirt with a white dress shirt

The fact that white is the commonest color for dress shirts cannot be overemphasized. To prevent your white shirt from body oils and the undesirable sweat stains, wear a garment. Unless you want to wear a coat or jacket over your shirt, ditch your white undergarment when wearing your white garment. This is because the sleeveless white undergarment is clearly visible under a white dress shirt. Similarly, it will fit by wearing quality undershirts where the sleeves end on your upper arm.

Showing off your undershirt

If the white garment does not flatter the body, it ceases from being an undergarment and becomes a T-shirt. Therefore, distinguish one from the other. While some people think of the look as cool and casual, the convention is that all undergarments should remain just where their names suggest- under other garments.

When is too hot

Do not step out of the house without an undergarment during summer or in hot days. When you start sweating, the white undergarment absorbs the sweat. Black or colored garments may make you sweat more. This way, you will avoid the unsightly look of yellowish stains especially around your underarms.

Other considerations

There are other things that relate to wearing white undergarments that you should consider too. For instance, you should wear each white outfit once. Although this should go without saying, it is important to emphasize. Wearing a white outfit more than once without washing will eventually lead to extensive staining. Extensive stains are stubborn and they are likely to last longer leading to discoloration of your white outfit. When washing, soak your white undergarments separately from other clothes. In fact, it is prudent to wash off the sweat and body oil stains immediately to prevent the shirt from losing its graceful whiteness. Washing a white outfit with other clothes might as well lead to discoloration. Additionally, do not apply sprays and deodorants straight on the white men undershirts as it may cause it to discolor.

Basically, these are simple but important tips for wearing a white undershirt. If you follow them every time you wear your white undergarment, it will last longer without losing its appeal which is basically the reason why you purchase it.

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